Robert Polidori

Who is Robert Polidori?

Robert Polidori was born in Montreal and moved to the United states as a child. His images tries to capture both the past and the present within a single frame.

what is the purpose of this series?

The purpose of this series is to capture the devastation and destruction that occurred in Iraq since the war.

What I like about it

I like that each image creates a narrative of the events leading up to the destruction that takes place in it. I also like that the image feels like someone has just left but is still coming back.

What can I use from it?

Polidori adjusts his images so they all contain muted tones. This makes the space seem more somber. This is a tecnique that I can use to give my images the same grave tone.

5_Chern-11-RP_ClassroomsinKindergarden#7 8_Beirut-RP_961Beirut 15_Chrono-pg96

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