Marc Auge- Non Places

In the article Non-place by Marc Auge, translated by John Howe, discusses the effect of modernity on place. Modernity is used by Auge to mean the fast paced, advertising orientated nature of modern life. He describes place as being a space that is connected to the history, identity, and relationship between people. Non-place is then a place that has no connection to these things.  Space is another term which Auge uses to describes a transitory space, he describes it as being an “intersection of moving bodies”.

In his article Auge describes how modernity leas to the increase of non-places. Auges argues that non-places are essentially transitory in which no-one spends any significant amount of time. As life becomes faster and more and more people start to occupy smaller spaces there is a significant increase in these type of space. These space are hotels, motorways, cars, train stations, trains, buses, bus stops,hospitals, etc. These spaces all have an ever changing cast of people and the space is often a destination to someplace else.

Place according to Auge is connected to language. Language is the bares of culture and in our culture we find a large part of our identity. To quote he says:

Place is completed through the word, through the allusive exchange of a few passwords between speakers who are conniving in private complicity”

Non-places has an absence of the place from itself, usually as a result of the space being named something. This phenomenon is often seen in travel. The very act of planning a journey means that you turn each place into a passage to someplace else and as a result each place becomes a non-place. The place is no longer related to itself but rathr related to the place before and after it.

This idea of non-places is an idea I will be exploring further in the rest of my photography.

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