Alex Prager’s Crowd control

Who is Alex Prager?

Alex Prager is an American Photographer and filmmaker who works out of L.A. She is a self taught photographer who is inspired by the work of William Eggleston. She has been widely featured in popular media, including vogue, W magazine and she won an Emmy in 2012 for her work “touch of evil”.

What is the purpose of this series?

the purpose of this series was to explore the melodrama of cinema. Prager used a crowd of people dressed in 1940’s style clothing which she selected. She constructs images that are intentionally loaded and as she explores the intense emotions of the characters.

What I like about the work

I like the individual characters created in each image. I like the way the crowd is captured from a slightly higher angle to place the viewer as an outsider looking in.

What can I take from this?

I can use her tecnique of photographing a crowd from a lower angle to make the view feel like an outsider.

alexprager alexprager_2 alexprager_3

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