Changing the Brief

After the presentation last week it became clear to me that the concept I was working with isn’t working as well as I would have liked

clothing store

The images that I was working with wasn’t creating the right type of narrative. The images were more of a catalogue of Newtown rather than exploring bizarre place to meet people. Also I discovered that my images weren’t showing the odd places to meet someone, but rather the ordinary places to meet someone, however it just seemed that these places were not used as often to meet someone.

I liked individual photos I have taken but they didn’t work together as a series of photos. After my conversation with Kalya today I decided to change my brief from weird places to meet someone and adjust it to transitory spaces. These spaces are filled for brief periods of time with lots of people and then they are completely empty. This idea  of non space is explored here by Marc Auge.

I wanted to photograph  this idea using places like train stations and bus stops around the city.

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