Week three presentations

Rhetoric and points of view

For this task we had to create images using the information from the reading ‘Key concepts by David Bates’


“Think of an imaginary scenario that you could create with the people and objects that you have access to. Find a location where you will photograph this scenario. Cast a person to play a part, and some objects as props. You will photograph all the elements separately, including the location and then you will organize them in relation to the ideas of rhetoric in the reading. You will also consider photographic codes; perspective, depth, focus, lighting. These things will inform your final photograph. You will have one final photograph and then the photographs of the individual elements”

Points of View:

“Think of an imaginary scenario that involves a location an multiple people. You will consider the point of view of the photographer in relation to the subject matter to put the viewer of the photographer in a state of mind when viewing your photograph that reflects ideas of

  • Being excluded
  • Being included
  • Being Voyeuristic
  • “Photographer not being there” Neutralizing the point of view 

You will have four final photographs”

This is our final presentation

week+3+presentation.compressed (1)

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